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GTW-OL1002S OLT with 2PON ports(1U)

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  GTW-OL1002S is system terminal platform, it is combine with the advanced industrial design, manufacturing technology by mini designing. Which is high reliability, flexible, easy maintain. It can support 2 GEPON PON ports and connect 128 remote ONU mostly (by 1:64 splitter), and provides 2 GE optical/electrical uplink interfaces. GTW-OL1002S can be applied to FTTB/FTTP/FTTH access solutions.


This equipment density moderate, organize network flexible. It can support 2 PON ports and 2 GE ports. It has high reliable chassis. All of the modules support hot plug and online replacement. This OLT has perfect 2 layer switching functions, it provides 2Gbps uplink ports and with perfect QOS rant and rich OAM function. This OLT also supports SNMP, Console, Telnet network management function.


GTW-OL1002S built-in powerful switch modules, supporting full-duplex forwarding, powerful layer-2 protocols.


Functional Features

●Moderate density, flexible network
●High reliability chassis
●Second floor of the exchange together

●QOS Guarantee

●Rich OAM Features

●Operating Rich, Manageability Features

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