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GTW-ON204H ONU is designed mainly for FTTH use and FTTO/FTTB use as well. GTW-ON204H GEPON ONU provides 1 uplink GE PON port, 4x10/100M Base-T and 2 VOIP downlink port. GTW-ON204H GEPON ONU together with GrantWave GTW-OL2000S OLT could realize flexible network structure and maintenance and provide total FTTx solutions.


l  Support 1000Base-PX10/PX20 two PON physical interface

l  Support CTC V1.3 OAM and expansion

l  Support DBA and various SLA

l  In line with uplink GE-PON port of IEEE 802.3ah

l  Support 802.3ah OAM and expansion

l  Support 4094 VLAN802.1Qto divide and isolate users

l  Support broadcasting prevention

l  Support 802.1D RSTP rapid spanning tree protocol

l  Support port speed limit and bandwidth control

l  Support IGMP Snooping V2 group broadcasting function

l  Support WEB/CLI local management

l  VoIP support SIP soft switch protocol

l  Support various IP acquirement methods such as PPPoE/DHCP/ static IP

l  Independent CATVRF module to support single fiber or double fiber mode to provide video services

l  Support ONU’s auto detection/ link test / remote upgrade

l  Its designing realizes surge voltage prevention and lightening prevention


Technical Specifications

l  Transmission Distance: 20KM

l  Service port: 4 10/100Base-T; 2 POTS

l  Management port: 1 RS232 console interface(RJ45), 4FE in-band web management port

l  Dimensions:  220mm x 136mm x 32mm

l  Power supply DC 12V

l  Loading and upgrading: Support FTP/TFTP loading and upgrading 

l  Maintenance

l Support debugging and information output

l PING and Telnet remote maintenance




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