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    Upgrade analogue surveillance system to IP-with Ethernet over Coax

    2013-05-04 14:10 Welcome to GrantWave |

    Today’s coax based analogue surveillance systems are migrating to ‘IP’ camera technology. IP systems have many advantages but the cost of re-cabling the network for IP can be expensive.

    GrantWave’s Ethernet over Coax (EoC) transmission technology can dramatically reduce IP migration costs by allowing up to four IP/Megapixel cameras to be connected and powered over a single legacy CCTV network coax cable. This solution is typically one-third the cost of upgrading to an UTP based IP solution.

    By leveraging already installed cable, the GrantWave EoC solution provides quick installation, with minimal disruption to an organisation’s operations. Very important where shut downs can mean lost revenue.

    With GrantWave, you can now release the power of your existing coax infrastructure and gain all the benefits of IP and Megapixel surveillance.

    With GrantWave EoC remember “Don’t re-cable, re-enable!”

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