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    xPON FTTB+LAN Boardband Access Solution

    2013-06-15 00:00 Welcome to GrantWave |

    For 256 buildings boardband access solution, pls find our products as follows:

    GTW-OL2000S OLT ( 2U OLT, 8 PON ports ,8 PON SFP included ) , (Qty: 1pcs, it supports 256PCS(8PON ports,1*32 PLC splitter) remote ONU); 


    Rack mount 1*32 PLC splitter,( includes 1PC ABS box 1*32 PLC splitter with SC Connecter,33PCS SC/APC adaptor, 19" 1U Rack Mount. ),  (Qty:8pcs);


    GTW-ON111BG ONU (1 GE output port), (Qty:256pcs);


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